Effective Patient Engagement Strategies You Can Use With DocuTAP EMR

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When it comes to the urgent care processes at different practices, there are a lot of factors that play into the outcomes. The way that patients will react to the treatment you provide relies on the way that care is administered. Patients ultimately make a decision regarding the experience of the visit by reading reviews and taking into account family opinions.

This may even prompt them to create their own reviews. That points to the need to create patient engagement strategies using software that understands how this works. This leads us to the importance of DocuTAP EMR. The software takes what a lot of practices don’t consider and make it an important part of the care process that you administer.

Healthcare as a whole needs to catch up to the need for patient-centered care. The software needs to be able to understand the intricacies of patient engagement. Especially in certain settings that require urgent care, providing patient engagement is crucial. This helps you have the best outcomes for patients, and for the practice in general as well.

Why Patient Engagement Matters

Everyone has feelings involved when it comes to healthcare. The goal is not to eradicate or minimize how patients feel when they get access to care. Instead, the idea is to have tools in place that can allow such feelings about care to be managed effectively. That, in its essence, is the role of patient engagement – to leverage patient experiences to provide sustainability.

However, patient engagement isn’t a tool just for the betterment of the practice. In actuality, patient engagement is also a great tool to help patients achieve better outcomes. The more patients are engaged, the better they do when it comes to treatment adherence. This also opens up a channel of communication that allows doctors and patients to work together.

For example, studies have shown that the more patients are engaged, the more likely it is that they would be involved in managing illnesses and taking precautions to prevent them. They will also stick to the treatment plans prescribed by their doctors, or have an ultimately better experience interacting with their doctor. All of these are a plus for any practice.

The Shift To Patient-Based Healthcare

The systems in place in the healthcare industry have always changed with the times. With a better understanding of the human body and access to advanced technology, the norms of healthcare continue to change. Patients are now not seen as a person receiving a service, but instead viewed as consumers of care. This has created a huge shift in perspective.

Patients themselves do not look at care as a process in which they are simple bystanders. The patients of today expect to be treated as a stakeholder in their own care delivery. They need to have access to information regarding their medical status and be kept in the loop as actively as possible when decisions are being made about medical interventions.

Patients may expect to also have open and honest communication with the people at the practice they visit. This includes the staff, and, most importantly, the doctors. Therefore, there is a need for work to be done to include patients and open up lines of communication between patients and doctors. It is therefore time that healthcare delivers on this need.

The way to make patient engagement work for any practice is to start by understanding that it is essential in order to get the right outcomes. Especially in places where care is provided under a lot of stress, with little time, including patients is essential. Therefore, you need the right EHR software that can deliver on this need without stalling the speed of your work.

Improving Access To Patient Engagement

When it comes to actually placing patient engagement as a priority, you need to look no further than DocuTAP EMR. This tool has all of the best ways to improve engagement without any compromise on your workflow. We’ve outlined the way you can use this software to improve engagement using the five strategies that are mentioned below.

Create An Easy-to-Find Online Presence

Most patients out there will be looking for their healthcare providers with an online search. It is therefore a good idea to set up an online presence that is easy enough to find. Plus, you can also make it easy for patients to sign up. Offering alternative mechanisms to signing up also allows you to get patients from all age groups to feel comfortable booking a visit.

Keep Patients Involved

When you use DocuTAP EMR, make sure that the software is created in a way that lets you focus on the patient during the visit. One of the biggest hurdles to a meaningful connection with patients can be that doctors are stressed about documentation. On the other hand, with DocuTAP, you can make sure you give patients all of your attention and document too.

Ask Patients For Feedback After Visits

Another great way to keep patients involved is to use feedback surveys. These help you in understanding what areas of your engagement strategy need to be revisited. You can even set up an automatic message in your DocuTAP EMR that sends out a feedback form to the patients right after they complete their visit, as that is the most effective strategy.

Listen To Negative Feedback

When you get a bad review, you may be tempted to disregard it entirely. However, bad reviews are an opportunity to learn and improve what you have to offer. You can also reach out to patients who have had negative experiences to learn what can be done to avoid such issues in the future. This allows you to grow as a practice with each feedback.

Ask Patients To Post Reviews

After a visit, always make sure to ask patients to post a review online. This helps you reach other patients, and helps improve your online reputation as well. For example, you can ask to post reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, or whatever review sites are available for medical professionals in your area.


When it comes to engagement, DocuTAP EMR is a resource that cannot be ignored. To learn more about this software, we would recommend taking a DocuTAP EMR demo. You can also reach out to the vendor to ask about the DocuTAP EMR pricing plans available. Ultimately, this will help you decide how to improve engagement at your practice.


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